cake-71672_1280Around 15 months ago, a small group of Linguistics PhD students found themselves in that most idea-and-optimism-inducing place, the local watering hole, and hatched a plan to enter the world of web logging (or blogging, to you and me). And exactly a year ago, Cam Lang Sci was born. As well as creating more of a local linguist community feel by finding out about each others’ interests, we wanted to share with you, our dear readers, some of the many facets of Language Science that make us tick. There’s been posts on sounds – and silent sounds; on words, verbs, and relative clauses; on languages dying and languages being born; on gender and language, nations and language, and thought and language. We’ve asked: What’s in a name? Where have all the implicatures gone? And, are you a Belieber? And in doing so, we’ve dipped our toes into many of the foundational areas of Linguistics: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. And more: sociolinguistics, bilingualism, acquisition and historical linguistics. Even the practice of being a linguist itself. But there’s much more to Linguistics than all that! So we hope you’ll join us for another year of Cam Lang Sci, continue to be part of our growing readership (now almost a thousand visits a month) and in the meantime, take the chance today to sit back and catch up on some of those posts you may have missed.

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